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Karolis services

From consulting and strategy development to implementation and support, Legacy Partner services can help you, your business, your community to thrive.

For Visionaries

Changing one at a time

Legacy Partner is an advisor interested in to your legacy development, that family, business, You, all are taken care of and growing.

Karolis can be an executive growth partner in association with your business and legacy interests.

Its exclusive offer with a minimum bid of $2,500.00 per month working with Karolis for 2/2/2

Personal Growth - 2 Sessions
Business Growth - 2 Sessions
Impact Development - 2 Sessions

Its a Action Coaching mixed with Non Dual | Stoic advisory.

You need to answer questions in the next step to see if you and Karolis qualify to work together.

Minimum Life Project Term is 6 Months.

For Leaders

Impact is a volume of your success

Karolis will help you to create and implement a strategy on how to get people together for your idea and make it not be boring.

This offer is for sports teams and clubs, leaders, community’s.

would you benefit from?

- MRR (Monthly reoccurring revenue)

- More brand awareness

- More human interaction

- More real change

- More expertise around you

- More strategic partnerships

- Strong ambassador circle

- More brand merch sales

- Team like mentality between your clients

That’s what I did for myself, and now its to share.

Take the next step and you will get to questioner and payment area.

Initial investment $1,500.00

For Business Owners

Its time. Quantum shift is inevitable

This is a scientific and holistic study beyond individual experience that will have a profound impact on our all lives and businesses

400 Business Owners Only

First 50 will have a chance to receive this transformation for 61% discount with a purpose to build world changing research that will bring more clarity and conscious development for organisations, individuals and communities.

Why 61% Off?

Because.... We are building a science backed study with Neuro - Scientist David Hesketh MSc.
Our work will have a revolutionising influence on corporate world.

You have chance of experiencing this Quantum Jump with David and Karolis on the board.

We Want to Provide 4 Groups Of Business Owners x100 With A Tailored Strategies on Conscious thinking, improving quality of life, and growth in business.

400 Business Owners.
THAT'S WHY IT'S ONLY $3,000.00 and Not $20,000

What David Hesketh Brings To Your Life and Business?

Improved physical wellness
Improved focus
Improved stress management
Improved performance
Better relation with people and situations
Clarity and effectiveness in decision making process
Emotional Growth

What Karolis Stasiunas Brings To Your Life and Business?

More resilience in process
More value on the table
More creative authenticity
More diverse ways of client acquisition
More client coming back

More profitable partnerships
More personal effectiveness



We can scale you
We can double your value.
We can improve quality of client acquisition and conversion
We can Improve client experience

Take the next step and lets start.

Personal Transformation

From separation to unity, from fear to courage. Personal transformation is inevitable in our day to day life, let's make it lasting, impactful and congruent in your personal language.

Entrepreneurial Transformation

Entrepreneurship is a bread of evolution, through innovation, solution and bold actions world can become better, and entrepreneurs are one of those who create scale for change.

Impact Development

Be in service to others. Be in value for the world. Create future where younger generations can create harmonious and prosperous world.

C - Level Advisory

From the mind to body, from doubt to knowing. C suit has to wear armour of resilience, leadership and self awareness in order to thrive in front of the uncertainty which is inevitable.

12 Weeks of Intense and Accountable Transformation Based on the true life experience of Elite Space Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Billionaires.

Move like you already made it.

The fundamental stones are moments of no way back, high performance, and world-class vision.

Imagine that you could take the steps that these people did and apply them to yourself.


Karolis and the team created an intense and immersive workshop through the framework of Legacy Trinity. 1) Personal Transformation 2) Business Acceleration 3) Impact.

In this program of 12 Weeks, you will get a legacy plan, business plan or working and money-generating business, and personal Transformation Plan

Tools, knowledge and planning every participant will receive are advanced stuff, tailored to normal human being journey.


When growth is inevitable, right exit strategy is necessary to create a space for lucrative results through turbulence of change. Karolis as a Legacy Board Advisor ensures that your exit is beneficial to you and your company.