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Unlock your full potential and create a lasting impact for generations to come.


Karolis Stasiunas is a space entrepreneur, business owner, mentor, and personal transformation coach. He helps individuals and organizations be the best version of themselves while creating a lasting impact.

Experience transformative journey with Karolis Stasiunas, a spear in personal and professional evolution. From a history etched with challenges—crime, trauma, and addiction—Karolis forged an unorthodox path to redemption, emerging as a statement to the incredible power of human resilience and capacity to flip the indoctrination and trauma through inner liberation.

Navigating the depths of adversity, Karolis transcended his tumultuous past through profound self-reflection and a relentless pursuit of personal and professional excellence. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Legacy Business Board Advisor, and esteemed Performance Coach, Karolis draws upon his unique life narrative to offer an unparalleled depth of understanding to high-profile individuals and C-level executives as he is in a position to understand the load that has to be carried by high calibre profiles.

In each engagement, Karolis seamlessly integrates his knowledge, strategies, creative & innovative thinking, and journey from darkness to triumph, infusing authenticity into his coaching. His approach combines cutting-edge methodologies like Non-Duality, the transformative Legacy Trinity Model, and the revolutionary 369 Business Atom. These frameworks, shaped by real-life experience, delivered by industry experts, unveil an intricate tapestry of success and innovation, through a congruent and intense personal executive coaching.

Karolis' coaching is not a fancy strategies for quick fix, Karolis work on the deep level that digs deep in to your unconscious and sub-conscious minds, and as a consequence of his responsibility to find the roots of your problem, personal growth and conditioning neutralization becomes new normal in every session you have. With a commitment to excellence, he guides high-profile individuals in harnessing their potential, shattering limitations, and sculpting legacies that transcend conventional norms.

Karolis Stasiunas is more than a coach; he is a force of yin & yang, an executive coach for those navigating the complexities of success and impact. Continue your journey with a guide who not only understands the challenges but has triumphed over those that ruined generations, empires and clans. Welcome to the transformative space curated by Karolis Stasiunas, where life stories shape the future and adversity fuels success.


Personal Transformation: Unlock your full potential and transform your life.

Entrepreneurial Transformation: Level up your business and make the most out of your career.

Impact Development: Create a lasting impact for generations to come.


We are all united by a breath of a legacy

Dear Visionary Individual,

I hope this message finds you embracing the infinite possibilities that lie within the intricate dance of time. You, as a creator of potential millenniums of peace, success, and moral wealth, stand at the precipice of a transformative journey – a journey that Karolis Stasiunas has mastered over the last decade.

In these times of great confusion and revelation, where our truths, beliefs, and morals define our path, Karolis beckons you to unlock the art of creation. "The most amazing experience is to see your planted seeds flourish. It is the essence of creation," says Karolis Stasiunas, a testament to the power of intentional growth.

Karolis has delved into the realms of existence, unravelling ways, patterns, and strategies that seamlessly merge the past, present, and future. His profound understanding orchestrates a coordinated dance of self-awareness and relevant action – a journey of breaking patterns and infusing innovation into personal life, business, and community.

As our morals shape our destiny, Karolis, through his expertise, guides individuals like you in navigating the complexities of success and impact. His unique approach integrates the wisdom gained from personal experiences, infusing authenticity into coaching that goes beyond the ordinary.

Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking to elevate your business, a visionary looking to unlock your full potential, or an individual driven by the desire to leave a lasting legacy, Karolis Stasiunas is your bridge.

If you're driven by more than just profits and you are ready to redefine success, then keep reading!

We know you're not in business just for the money.

You're here to create something lasting, something that leaves a positive mark on your community and beyond.

...But let's face it, traditional success doesn't cut it for you, life is much more than just success and a single ride to the east.

You can be all about purpose-driven growth and creating a legacy that stands out if you are fully immersed in your own self-realization while you actively engage and build impact through business/entrepreneurial ventures.

Imagine combining full-time self-decluttering/realization/development and your business's growth with meaningful community impact.

That's where the real magic happens.

​Walking the Walk.

​Building momentum in a congruent way, where you are really being who you always meant to be, and as you always wanted to be remembered.

...And if you're tired of the same old business strategies and want to be part of something bigger, we're on the same page.

We're here to challenge the norm, drive growth, and create a legacy that speaks volumes.

Meet The Legacy Trinity Team

For excellence, we work in a team. It's all about unity and connection. Interconnected experience guides us in every possible way. Your experience is sharable. Our experience is sharable. 40+ Years of collective experience in - Self-development, Relationships, Business and Community impact development.

Dr. Zsuzsanna Fajcsak: The Catalyst of Inner Transformation with Signature Program Alive.
Dr. Zsuzsanna Fajcsak, known as Dr. Zsu, is a beacon of resilience and transformation. Her life's tapestry, woven with challenges and triumphs, has birthed "Alive," a revolutionary program for holistic well-being. Alive isn't just a regimen; it's a journey from confronting fears to embracing one's true essence. Merging Eastern wisdom with Western science, it offers a unique bridge to inner peace and health. It's about emotional detoxification, lifestyle shifts, and unlocking the divine solution within. With Dr. Zsu's guidance, participants don't just find answers; they rediscover themselves. If you've yearned for deeper purpose and transformative change, "Alive" is your call to not just live, but to truly thrive.

About Legacy Trinity Program

If you are here, then; Welcome to Legacy Trinity—where business acceleration meets community empowerment, through shrewd self-development by evolving above stagnation of the past, trauma, and indoctrination influence.

Our approach isn't just about making money; it's about making waves of change.

But it doesn't stop there.

We offer something more profound—an opportunity to transform your personal legacy and emotional coping mechanisms. Legacy Trinity is about collective growth, that's why we are working closely with Dr.Zsuzsanna Fajcsak Ph.D., signature program ALIVE, which was made through 25 years of depth studies and practice.

Our Legacy Transformation and Performance Coaching together with ALIVE is designed to help you restart your mind, overcome challenges, and elevate your emotional resilience.

​With our proven expertise and years of experience, we'll guide you through every step of building a successful self-relationship, and a business that also leaves a meaningful legacy.

We understand that true success comes from within, and that's why we're here to help you master your inner game.

​We get you. We understand your drive for progress, your thirst for impact, and your passion for growth. Together, let's create a strategy that takes your business to new heights and ripples positive transformation—both in your business and in yourself.

​Are you ready to redefine success on your true self terms?

It's not just about the numbers; it's about the difference you make.

Join us, the legacy builders, and let's embark on a journey that transforms your dreams into reality.

Your legacy is waiting for you—let's make it happen.

Connect with us today and take the first step towards a legacy that matters.

Karolis Stasiunas: Embodiment of Resilience, Pioneering Transformation with Legacy Trinity.
Emerging from a tapestry of challenges, Karolis's life is a testament to the power of resilience and the human spirit. His journey, marked by overcoming personal trauma and societal hurdles, has birthed Legacy Trinity - a groundbreaking program designed for profound personal and professional metamorphosis. Karolis doesn't just teach; he connects, drawing from his own experiences to guide others towards their highest potential. Legacy Trinity is more than a program; it's a movement, intertwining personal evolution, entrepreneurial prowess, and impactful change. Dive deep, and you'll discover a path where past adversities transform into present strengths, and challenges morph into opportunities.

Marius Germanas: Meet Marius, a compassionate and insightful romantic relationship coach whose transformative approach centers around the relationship with oneself. Having navigated the challenging journey of overcoming a 14-year marriage and extracting valuable lessons from the crisis, Marius is now dedicated to empowering others. Drawing from his own experience and the stories of countless men struggling with the aftermath of divorce, Marius has made it his mission to guide them towards the life they've always envisioned. Through his coaching, he not only shares practical strategies but also nurtures a deep understanding of self-love and personal growth. Marius is more than a coach; he's a mentor on a journey to help individuals embrace their past, transform their present, and create the fulfilling relationships and lives they deserve. If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey toward self-discovery and lasting love, Marius is the dedicated guide you've been searching for.

6 or 12 Months Program (Tailored Only)

Futuristic Legacy Creator with values of the wise!

Guess what? You're about to embark on an overview journey that's as unique and vibrant as you are! Our 6-12 months Legacy Trinity Program is not just a course, it's a conversation, a collaboration, and a partnership.

Here's a little sneak peek of what we're going to explore together:

1. Kick-Off Coffee Chat: First things first, let's grab a virtual coffee! We want to hear all about you, your dreams, your passions, and the legacy you envision. It's a heart-to-heart where your vision takes centre stage.
For the first 7 days, you will have eBreakfast with your coach Karolis, where you will know each other and clearly understand what is happening inside of you while setting your body and mind in to congruent foundational redevelopment stage.

2. Your Personal Growth Journey: Here starts personal tailoring. We measure your time availability, your responsibilities, and your family needs, after we have the picture we introduce the complete program to you which starts with Dr.Zsuzsanna Fajcsak's weekly ALIVE sessions for 3 months. Next up, with Karolis together you're diving deep into YOU. We'll explore your leadership style, your strengths, and how to amplify your personal magic. It's all about nurturing your inner leader to shine brightly.

3. Business Strategy - Your Playground!: Now, onto the exciting stuff! Your business is your playground, and we're here to add some exciting new swings and slides. Together, we'll innovate and strategize, always with a sprinkle of fun and a big dose of your legacy in mind. Karolis's main priority is people and impact, but he loves numbers as well, because numbers been a guiding asset for him throughout the years after a rebirth. Numbers carry ancient wisdom, and in Karoli's belief, you are going to bring some numbers to your business during the first month of innovation. Karolis in business is driven by PCCC. Partnership, Community, Centralisation, Creativity.

4. Crafting Your Impact: Here's where your legacy starts to bloom. We'll brainstorm and implement ways to ensure your impact resonates and inspires. It's all about creating ripples of positive change, one step at a time. We going to start with Younger generations or parenting leadership, and then we will move into social and environmental issues that are in resonance with your business and its trajectory.

5. Regular Friendly Check-Ins: Our journey is a two-way street, with regular friendly check-ins to share laughs, celebrate wins, and maybe make a few tweaks here and there. It's all about keeping the momentum going, together. These 6 - 12 months are an intense coaching program focused on radically altering your thinking, helping you break through generational and universal chains that held you back all these years, We will build a habit of staying aware and connected to your Life.

6. The Grand Finale & What's Next: As we near the end of our 6-month adventure, we'll make sure your legacy is all set to inspire and flourish. And of course, we'll be setting the stage for all the amazing chapters yet to come! Don't think that after 6 months it's finished, no... The journey is for life, and our connection will stay!

Your Legacy, Our Adventure Together: Our Legacy Trinity Program is more than a plan; it's a vibrant journey we embark on together. We're here, cheering you on, sharing in your excitement, and celebrating your legacy. Let's create something beautiful, together!













Only a glimpse of the minimum potential that comes with the interconnectedness of the collective.
Further, we will explore more tangibles/intangibles, cost of time, amount of effort and a tiny glimpse in the nearest constellation of frameworks we use.

Stay away if youre comfortable where you at and dont feel like moving, cause the change is innevitable in all aspects, not only where you wish that would happen.


Marius Germanas - Graduated in ALIVE, and Legacy Trinity Programs. Currently business partner to Karolis Stasiunas and Dr.Zsuzsanna Fajcsak

Why C - Level Choose To Work With Karolis?

”Karolis is more than my mentee and business expansion advisor, he is a legacy that I'm humbled to have, his energy, speed and heart-centred leadership on the board of academy for ALIVE graduation”

- Dr.Zsuzsanna Fajcsak PhD

''My connection to Karolis was immediate, not only due to his strength of character and clarity of vision but also his humility and adaptability in his thinking.''

- David Hesketh MSc Neuroscientist

”Karolis helped me to stand back in to the ring, while I had doubts in changing from boxing to kickboxing, he never had a doubt in me and was working daily with his team to make me stronger and better then I ever was, and they did it.”

- Irvidas Juskys, Boxer, Kickboxer

”I decided to work with Karolis on Legacy Development partnership. From the first meeting, we clearly understood our values, vision and needs.”

- Callum CJ Johnson 8th in the World.
WBO, Cruiserweight

180 Days Can Be a Long Walk...

and...we are here not to play!

1 Call to feel the universal synergy

1 Call to scale your mind beyond norms

1 Call to bring the idea that can and will 10X your business

1 Call to bring actionable strategy that can and will 100X your impact

1 Morning to remove the plato that is holding you back

1 Morning to learn ancient samurai technique of rebirth

1 Morning to bring abundant energy levels, regulate your mood, and feel great again

1 Week to reignite your self-connection and build inner honesty and the art of no fluff

1 Week to remove your dopamine withdrawal effect, stabilize serotonin and lower your cortisol levels

1 Week to celebrate the progress made, reflect on lessons learned, and set intentions for the next phase of your entrepreneurial journey.

1 Month to master the art of holistic harmony, ensuring seamless integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit in your daily life.

1 Month to implement and refine your entrepreneurial strategies, witnessing tangible growth and transformation.

1 Month to measure and celebrate the impact you've created, setting the stage for even more extraordinary contributions in the future.

These are all small achievements that mean a lot to our human lives.

Imagine what we can achieve in 180days of consistent communication, redesign, and releasing old to free the space for new 🤷‍♂️

That's why Karolis Stasiunas and Dr.Zsuzsanna Fajcsak are delivering a whole galaxy of inner power to you, so you can...

  • Live congruent life

  • Feel present during the chaos

  • Feel peace when turbulence brings adversity

  • Feel in touch with your origins

  • Live a life of high achievement effortlessly thorough understanding why you can and why you should

  • Experience the fruits of your actions imminently

  • Bringing heaven to your day-to-day life

  • Navigate challenges with resilience and grace.

  • Cultivate a mindset of abundance amidst scarcity.

  • Harness the power of reflection to guide future actions.

  • Build genuine connections, transcending superficial relationships.

  • Embrace continuous growth, turning setbacks into setups.

  • Lead with empathy, understanding, and compassion.

  • Manifest your vision with clarity and purpose.

  • Elevate your daily rituals to align with your highest self.

  • Foster a culture of gratitude, recognizing the beauty in every moment.

  • Channel universal energies to amplify your intentions.

  • Stay grounded, drawing strength from your roots and experiences.

  • Radiate positivity, becoming a beacon of light for others.

  • Prioritize self-care, understanding its ripple effect on every aspect of life.

  • Embody authenticity, letting your true self shine in every endeavor.

Your universal experience with Karolis and Dr.Zsuzsanna starts from YOU (Body, Mind. Spirit)

”Karolis assisted me in breaking certain limiting beliefs that where getting into my path of success, his guidance helped me to grow and improve as a professional athlete.”

- Jack Murray Elite Teen Athlete (15) Football Player

”I don't know what kind of teenagers we would be with my brother if we were not received all this knowledge and practical part from Karolis”

- Dovydas & Laisvydas (13&15) Entrepreneurs, athletes.

From Entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators, and pro-athletes to families, teenagers, and organisations.

''The main advantage Karolis bring to the table is his shrewd way of expanding and acquiring effective partners, his strategic development advice always brings fresh angle and effective results''

- Marius Germanas Space Entrepreneur, Coach, Vice-Chairman of LDK.Global Association

''We have benefited from Karolis’ approach to development in getting to the heart of matters directly. This is the mark of efficiency and insight. We are fortunate to have him as a partner in the journey''

- Brain Focus Health

we are here for the global shift...

1 Call to tap into the universal entrepreneurial spirit.

1 Call to challenge conventional business norms and embrace innovative thinking.

1 Call to ideate strategies that can 10X your market reach.

1 Call can craft a business solution that ensures 100X ROI.

1 Morning to break through the business stagnation that's limiting your growth.

1 Morning to adopt the resilience and adaptability of ancient Babilon trade pioneers.

1 Morning to harness the energy of successful entrepreneurs, setting the tone for a productive day.

1 Week to rekindle your entrepreneurial passion, ensuring every decision aligns with your core business values.

1 Week to mitigate the risks of rapid expansion, ensuring sustainable growth.

1 Month to master the art of business agility, swiftly adapting to changing market conditions.

1 Month to implement cutting-edge entrepreneurial strategies, staying ahead of competitors.

1 Month to evaluate and celebrate the milestones achieved, while setting bigger business goals.

These steps are the foundation of every successful enterprise.

Now imagine the business transformation possible in 180 days of strategic planning, execution, and reflection 🤷‍♂️.

That's why Karolis Stasiunas works closely with Entrepreneurs and Change-Making businesses to Innovate Solutions, Expand Cash Flow and Accelerate growth.

  • Stay connected with Universe in You.

  • Stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

  • Make data-driven decisions amidst the chaos.

  • Maintain peace and clarity even during business downturns.

  • Reconnect with the core values that sparked your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Achieve business milestones with a balance of strategy and intuition.

  • Reap the rewards of your hard work, seeing tangible growth.

  • Integrate modern business strategies with timeless wisdom.

  • Navigate business challenges with foresight and strategy.

  • Cultivate a growth mindset, turning business threats into opportunities.

  • Lead your team with vision, inspiring and motivating them towards collective goals.

  • Manifest your business vision with precision and determination.

  • Stay grounded, drawing insights from both successes and failures.

  • Radiate confidence, setting the tone for your entire organization.

  • Prioritize continuous learning, staying updated with the latest in your industry.

  • Embody authenticity in your business dealings, building trust and credibility.

Your entrepreneurial journey with Karolis and Dr.Zsuzsanna starts from the core principles of Entrepreneurship within the Legacy Trinity framework.

you have an ability to create so that our future generations could create...

1 Call to awaken the universal drive for positive impact.

1 Call to redefine societal norms, placing impact at the forefront.

1 Call to ideate initiatives that can 10X your community influence.

1 Call to craft an impact strategy that ensures 100X societal benefit.

1 Morning to break through the barriers that limit your philanthropic reach.

1 Morning to adopt the compassion and vision of history's greatest humanitarians.

1 Morning to harness the collective energy of change-makers, setting the tone for a purposeful day.

1 Week to rekindle your passion for societal change, aligning every action with your core impact values.

1 Week to strategize sustainable impact, ensuring long-lasting benefits.

1 Week to engage with communities, understanding their needs and aspirations.

1 Month to master the art of impactful leadership, inspiring others to join your cause.

1 Month to implement transformative impact strategies, creating ripples of positive change.

1 Month to evaluate and celebrate the societal milestones achieved, while setting bigger impact goals.

These steps are the pillars of every impactful endeavor.

Imagine the transformation possible in 180 days of purposeful action, reflection, and community engagement 🤷‍♂️.

That's why Karolis Stasiunas and Dr.Zsuzsanna Fajcsak are offering a comprehensive impact guidance, ensuring you to...

  • Drive change in communities, touching countless lives.

  • Make decisions that benefit both business and society.

  • Maintain peace and clarity even when faced with societal challenges.

  • Reconnect with the core values that sparked your drive for impact.

  • Achieve societal milestones, benefiting families and communities alike.

  • Reap the rewards of your efforts, witnessing tangible societal growth.

  • Integrate modern impact strategies with timeless humanitarian principles.

  • Navigate societal challenges with empathy and insight.

  • Cultivate a legacy mindset, ensuring long-lasting benefits for generations.

  • Lead with purpose, inspiring your family, team, and community towards collective betterment.

  • Manifest your vision of a better world with precision and passion.

  • Stay grounded, drawing insights from both successes and setbacks.

  • Radiate hope, setting a positive example for your family and community.

  • Prioritize continuous engagement, staying connected with those you aim to benefit.

  • Embody authenticity in your impact initiatives, building trust and credibility.

Your journey of societal transformation with Karolis and Dr.Zsuzsanna starts from the core principles of Impact within the Legacy Trinity framework.

Ventures Karolis Exploring

Space Vertical
Board member, International Business Development and Relations

GOSPACEVR Board member, International Franchise Development and Sales


Express da Vinci group Board Member

Dr.Zsuzsanna Fajcsak Academy ''Live Your Life ALIVE'' Legacy Development, and Business advisory

Callum CJ Johnson
Legacy Development

Sports Lodge
Founder, CCC

David Hesketh MSc
Legacy Development, and Business advisory

Legacy Flippers
Co-Founder, CCC

Co-Founder, Chairman

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